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The quantity of fabric which is required to produce a garment is called consumption. How much fabric is required to produce a garment, we can determine it through marker planning and mathematical system. We can calculate and determine the consumption of fabric by the following two systems:

Marker Planning System
In the system mentioned here studying the range of size, following six pcs of six sizes can be sorted out from size range. As in XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL Besides these we can choose three pcs of three size or twelve pcs of twelve sizes for our convenience. It depends on our intelligence and the size range; thereafter paper pattern can be made by grading to the above garments as per measurement sheet. Having made the paper pattern it should have to lay each parts of the paper pattern on a marker paper of similar fabric width. After marking the paper pattern if we measure marker paper to length wise, we will find an aggregate consumption of six pcs of garment. If the aggregate is divided by six, we will find a consumption of one pc garment. As such we will find a consumption of one dozen garments from the above system calculations.

Mathematical System
Whatever is the fabric consumption of a garment or whatever quantity of fabric is required to produce a garment is measured by mathematical system। Mathematical system is a system of rough estimation. Consumption of a sample garment or consumption as per measurement sheet is calculated mathematically by measuring the area of length and width of each parts of each pcs of garment.

Fabric Consumption Calculation of a Basic Shirt


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