Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Good command in English and adequate knowledge of technical terms for accurate and efficient communication.
Good knowledge of fiber, yarn. Fabric, Dyeing. Printing, Finishing, Dyes, Colorfastness, Garments production, etc.
Clear conception of the usual potential quality problems in the garments manufacturing.
Good knowledge of the usual raw materials inspection systems & garments inspection systems.
Knowledge of the quota system used in each of the producing countries', duty rates, customs regulations, shipping and banking documentation etc।

Merchandiser-A Data Bus Between Buyer & Seller

Merchandiser is he who builds up relationship with the buyer and acts as a seller. He plays a vital role in an organization in a sense that he bears more responsibility than other in regards to execution of an order. The responsibilities that he bears on the jobs are as follows:
He represents as a buyer to the factory.
He represents as a seller to the buyers.
He inspects Quality as a buyer (from the buyer’s point of view).
He looks into the business to flourish more in future.
He tries to offer the deal more competitive without compromising the Quality.
His object is to satisfy the buyers to progress more of the future business.
His aim is to impress the buyers by means of
(i) Right Product.
(ii) Right Quality.
(iii) Right Quantities.
(iv) Schedule Time


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